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At Dietrich and Associates PC, we offer compassionate counsel and personalized advocacy for all our clients. A conservatorship or guardianship proceeding gives a conservator or guardian the right to make decisions for a person who lacks capacity or sufficient understanding to communicate. When you have an aging relative or when someone you love is no longer able to protect him or herself, you may want to consider a conservatorship or guardianship proceeding.

At Dietrich and Associates PC, we offer experienced counsel and advocacy to help families through conservatorship and guardianship proceedings to manage care or finances. A combined conservatorship and guardianship action will entrust another individual to manage the person and the finances of a disabled person.

Guardianship, in modern American law, does not only call to mind symbolic images. It is also a well-recognized status in the law. There are many conditions that can contribute to some degree of disability. These can include:

  • Physical or mental illness
  • Developmental disability
  • Motor vehicle crashes and other serious accidents
  • Cognitive decline due to aging
  • Drug or alcohol addiction

When someone is struggling with one or more of these conditions, they may be unable to take care of their financial affairs.

A guardianship is not the only way of making sure that a responsible party is taking care of someone’s finances. A durable power of attorney, executed prior to the disability, can enable a person or a bank to serve as a financial fiduciary. It is also possible to create a revocable trust on behalf of someone who is struggling with a disabling condition.

We are available to help you navigate the technicalities of the law surrounding guardianships and conservatorships. Call us today!

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